Saturday, July 27, 2013

day 14 last day of our amazing trip

Today we packed up all of our things and on the rode back home but we stopped at Dry Falls and we saw a video on how the grate Dry Falls where created by the missoula floods . right know we are about to leave back home and see all our familys .

day 13

Today we listened to Barbra Arepa talk about the culture and her history. I was vary interested, and in tuned with her stories and memory. Well  Rick showed us 17 different animal pelts,I love the wolf pelt it was so soft and cozy. After going through all of the pelts we all took a nap till 6 o`clock. After taking a nap we all had dinner, and Rick took all of us to the mountains to howl with the wolfs sadly we did not get a response from the wolfs. I had a grate day today.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

day 11

today we took showers and traveling to our next stop in our adventure.

day 10

Today we met 8 people. Billy Joe Keeper,Waren Seylor,John Matt,Bill Matt,Brian Crossly,Casey Flanagan,Brint Chols,and Candes Benett.we went elector fishing i got shocked by Eric more than 5 times we went swimming and we worried everyone by going across the lake but at the end of the day we all were in a good mood and happy birth day destiny.

day 9

Today we just travled and Wenix Red Elk showed us all the traditional foods of the Umatilla tribe . The Spokane tribe paid for our meals and graciously nice and kind

day 8

Today we met Wenix Red Elk DNR education & outreach specialist .we got to go to a renovation area hot day we had 5 flat tires and one blow out Wenix Red Elk made us Indian tacos and the most delicious chilli. We got to take showers and learn how to play stick games.We were all grateful for her hospitality for letting us all stay at her house the best dinner ever. 

day 7

Today I have met Jim Harack , Peter Cleary , and Ian Willson.  We were at Lostine River also known as the treatment stream. The fish go through 8 dams; the fish have radio tags in the fishes Esophagus. On Friday they caught  115 fish they write and summit documents ,they have 50 different facilities, writing skills are very important for every job. There are 10 weirs mostly in Idaho, bonvill founded, over 1 million dollars to complete the construction 400,000 a year to keep the facility going.1.3 volt to knock out a fish, fish love cold water, and bigger fish eat other fish , little fish eat squid . Congress has a lot of influence on the tribe fisheries